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Conference: November 9th, 2024
Cohort: January- March, 2025

What is
Level-Up Brother

Get to Know Level-Up Brother

In 2023, the Cloud Family Foundation launched the Level-Up Brother Program. It offered workshops, panels, and a vendor fair, guiding students on professional etiquette. Expanding on 2023, 2024 promises immersive experiences, including campus tours and career exploration. Each participant receives support for post-high school endeavors. The dedication to student success persists, with registration opening in October 2024, limited to 30 students.

Meet Our Sponsors

Level-Up Brother sponsors are organizations or companies that provide financial support, resources, or expertise to the program. These sponsors play a crucial role in ensuring the success and sustainability of the initiative by contributing funds for workshops, speakers, materials, and other program expenses.

Speakers and Workshops

In the Level-Up Brother program, workshops are practical sessions where participants learn essential skills through hands-on activities or discussions, tailored to personal and professional growth. Speakers are influential figures invited to share expertise, insights, or life experiences, providing inspiration and guidance to the students

Career Exploration

Career exploration in the Level-Up Brother program involves activities designed to help participants explore potential career paths suited to their interests, skills, and aspirations. This may include assessments to identify strengths and interests, informational interviews with professionals in different fields, job shadowing opportunities, and research into various industries and occupations.

College Tours

College tours in the Level-Up Brother program involve guided visits to different university campuses. During these tours, participants have the opportunity to explore various aspects of college life, including campus facilities, academic programs, extracurricular activities, and student support services.


Mentoring in the Level-Up Brother program involves pairing students with experienced individuals who provide guidance, support, and advice as they navigate personal and professional challenges. Mentors offer insights based on their own experiences, helping students set goals, develop skills, and make informed decisions about their future.

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