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Robert Jones STEM Scholarship

The Cloud Family Foundation is thrilled to announce our 2023 Robert Jones Scholars.

This year, the scholarship received 40 applications. The highest number received to date. As a result, the team decided to increase the number of High School Scholarship recipients to four. This will bring the total number of scholarships to eight.

The 2023 Graduating Senior Scholars receiving a $500 Scholarship are:
    - Yu Wei - Oak Ridge High School (Orlando, FL)
    - Alena Johnson - Timber Creek High School (Orlando, FL)
    - Emma Aikens - Heritage High School (Palm Bay, FL)

    - Christian Crump - Timber Creek High School (Orlando, FL)

The 2023 Undergraduate Scholars receiving a $1,000 Scholarship are:
    - Brandon Talla - Computer Science, North Carolina A&T
    - Ta'Liyah Gramling  - Biology, Texas Southern

The 2023 Advanced Degree Scholarship receiving a $1,000 Scholarship:
    - Sykes  Sydney - Computer Science, University of Mississippi
    - Benny  Tang - Industrial Engineering, UCF

Congratulations to all the 2023 Robert Jones Scholars!

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